[Pdns-dev] PowerDNS recursor's forwarding capabilities?

Darren Gamble darren.gamble at sjrb.ca
Tue Nov 28 09:09:27 CET 2006

Good day,

Thanks for your reply.

> Hi Darren,
> The forward-zones statement indeed only accepts 1 ip per zone to be
> redirected. I haven't taken any time to inspect the code, so I'm in
> dark
> about any trivial changes that could be made.
> As far as I know the forward-zones statement should work, although
> with
> a single ip per zone.

Except that, as I noted, the recursor expects to do iterative queries
with this IP (i.e. the recursion bit is not set).  So, this only works
with one out of the two scenarios I described.  Unless of course,
there's some option I'm missing that toggles this.

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