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SAMI RAHAL Sami.Rahal at topnetpro.tn
Wed Mar 24 17:35:41 UTC 2021

I am monitoring dnsdist in production with a metronome server and also the native tool accessible through the default web server on port 8083, I got the following values:
Uptime: 2 hours, Number of queries: 86816060 (8060.00 qps), ACL drops: 0, Dynamic drops: 1639752, Rule drops: 4807
Average response time: 4.35 ms, CPU Usage: 750.60%, Cache hitrate: 93.45%, Server selection policy: leastOutstanding
I ask are these values in the norms?
my config:
OS: CentOS 7
-RAM 16 G
-grep -c ^ processor / proc / cpuinfo
-RAM used:
949 M
Is there a way to improve CPU usage value?

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