[dnsdist] dnsdist NOTIFY distribution to several slaves

Kai kai at xs4all.net
Thu Mar 18 14:45:22 UTC 2021

Hello Stefan,

You could choose to configure your master with the 2 real IP's of the 
slaves; Adding a second slave (or third) is relatively easy in most (if 
not all) authoritative dns software.


On 18-03-2021 14:42, Stefan via dnsdist wrote:
> Hi there,
> I’ve got the following setup: I am running dnsdist in front of two 
> slaves. My master nameserver sends notify messages to the (service) IP 
> of the dnsdist, not directly two the slaves (for several reasons). As I 
> know so far dnsdist does not distribute notify messages to all servers 
> behind it, but only to one choosen server. Is there any method to get 
> notify messages distributed to all servers, e.g. by using a lua script 
> or a specific dnsdist configuration? How can this be solved in practice?
> Best regards
> Stefan Becker
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