[dnsdist] DNS DIST Drops Problems

Lichtnau Frank Frank.Lichtnau at mlands.com
Mon Nov 25 16:34:27 UTC 2019


I have a problems with drops.
I use 3 pools:

1.       For internal windows-domain (3 win-ad-dns)

2.       For internal linuxdomain ( 2 linx-dns-server)

3.       For external dns-calls ( firewall )

Sometimes, it is not replicable when, the drop-count for external dns-calls starts to grow up and from this time no dns-call from clients get an answer.

I can stop this behavior only by restarting dnsdist.

os:                          debian buster
dnsdist:                1.3.3 ( from debian distribution)

How can I discover the problems. I don't find any infos in syslog


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