[dnsdist] setAuto() healthchecks

Thib D thibmac0241 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 09:22:06 UTC 2017


We have an issue when we update our DNS servers :
Our procedure is to :

1 - setDown() the server
2 - Update the server : so we just stop the service and restart it with the
updated zones.
3 - setAuto() the server to make synchronize dnsdist or the real state of
the DNS server.

But there's a problem :

When you setDown() a server for 10 seconds and then setAuto() , it returns
the value of the last healthcheck before the setDown() happened, no matter
what happened during these 10 seconds.
In our case : our DNS server needs around 10 seconds to be up again. But
dnsdist returns a "up" value on the first second, even if the server is
still down.

I think dnsdist does healthchecks every second, this is why we still see
this wrong value for like 1 sec.

It would be easy to solve this problem by doing an healthcheck before the
setAuto(). Is there anyway to fix it ? With a script or my modifying the
methods by hand.

Best regards,

Thibaud D.
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