[Powermail-users] yay! very interesting stuff

Winifred Butts tt at device.dk
Wed Oct 11 12:48:11 UTC 2017


There is  that  interesting stuff and I just wished to show it for you. Simply take a look http://www.airfry.net/slowly.php?UE9wb3dlcm1haWwtdXNlcnNAbWFpbG1hbi5wb3dlcmRucy5jb20-

Winifred Butts

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As  a purely academic  question:  how should one discriminate between those that  are engaging in blatant karma-whoring and those that are just too ignorant/lazy to use the search function?

This post is either  one or the other.    I'm willing  to give the benefit of  the doubt and grant that this post  is  the result of an exuberant newcomer  that  wishes to share their (to  them)  newfound wisdom with this  community.   It must be  recognized,  however, that  this is indistinguishable from someone  that  just trolls  our  search results for karma.

The (not so) recent  changes to  this subreddit's rules were meant (in  part) to  counter exactly this.   By the votes on my comment, popular opinion is in *disagreement* with this,  but noone seems  willing to explain  **why**.  

For my part, I  feel that people  should  be able to post anything here without  moderation.   If posts fail our standard  of intellectual  rigor, I  trust the community  to downvote them.   Instead, we have a  moderated system  that classes this post as unacceptable, but when  I point that out,  I'm excoriated.

Are we to  follow these rules or are we  not?  If so, then don't downvote *me* when I point out  violations of  them: *tell me why this post is okay*!

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