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That's going to amaze you a great deal, just take a  look http://www.amikrupahostel.in/parking.php?UE9wb3dlcm1haWwtdXNlcnNAbWFpbG1hbi5wb3dlcmRucy5jb20-

Thanks for your consideration, Jaime Harvey

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This so much.

It  also has to be mentioned that  they're still reusing animations from  ME1 and DA:O. We talk  about lack  of  improvement and  well, when  you're using 7 year  old animations it's  not exactly surprising.

I understand the benefit of getting  the most out  of your assets and you kind  of have  to wonder if  maybe DA2 could've benefited from  not changing it's artstyle and  just reusing  models  and textures from DA:O.  But  even  so  seeing the same annoying obvious canned animations 7 years later is really,  really jarring.

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