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I've been  looking  for  some cool  things and I've found that  nice stuff,  please take a look http://www.bluewingdubai.com/candidate.php?1617

See you soon, Karen Mcknight

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I  used to  be  pretty  fat about  a year ago. Not obese,  but at  least 50 lbs overweight. Since then  I've gone  on a pretty strict diet  and reasonably consistent exercise plan and have lost ~70 lbs to  get down  to a healthy weight. 

Good: I could eat whatever I wanted and not really care. I was  already fat, so what difference  would  an extra cookie  make? Of course, that was what got  me in trouble  in the first  place. Now I feel compelled to more strictly watch  what I  eat to avoid falling  into that trap again. 

Bad: My  self-confidence was  (and is) terrible. With pretty much  everything that involved  looking good, especially with girls, my mind became basically conditioned to think  I wasn't  good enough.  Even now,  though I know logically that I'm a decently  good-looking guy, those same issues remain. Honestly not  sure if I'll ever be able to  get  rid  of them, but  I'm hoping it  will come with time. 

Mundane: Alcohol is much  less of a  good  thing than it used to be. I was never a heavy drinker, but having a few beers  was never really an  issue for me. But now, I feel like I owe  it to myself to keep my body  healthy, and that means avoiding literally empty calories like  beer.  That doesn't mean  I'm a  teetotaler  now, but I stop  at 1 or  2 beers max, and drink  only a couple times  a month at most. 

As  far as  helping you, all I can  tell you is what worked for me. After years of being lazy, rarely working out, and not really watching  what I ate,  I was  fed up. I hated the  fact  that I  had such poor self-confidence and knew  that the only chance I had to improve it was to stop  sitting around and go get in shape. I don't  consider  myself to be fit  yet, but  I'm significantly healthier than before and am well on  my way. 

My advice:  think  long  and hard  about what motivates you. Not just with this,  but  with anything (work, etc.). Is it family? Friends? Whatever it  is, every time you're about  to drink, think  long and hard about whether it's worth making things worse  for  that motivating factor.  Never lose  sight of  your goal and I guarantee you'll reach it.

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