[Pdns-users] Recursor forwarder DoT configuration

Christoph cm at appliedprivacy.net
Sat Sep 9 06:07:02 UTC 2023

> I do wonder about the purpose of the recursor in the
> recursor -> dnsdist -> upstream-recursive
> case. You might as well use
> dnsdist -> upstream-recursive
> With a caching dnsdist.
> Unless you need recursor specific functionality, of course.

It was my impression that dnsdist was meant for smaller caches not for 
large caches in the order of several GB of cached records (with 
prefetching and DNSSEC validation functionality)
but if we can remove something in the chain that might probably benefit
latency, CPU usage and reduce complexity, so I'm very open for suggestions.
I've also some generic question about cache sizing that I'll put in a 
second email.

We will also publish our entire setup and what we are actually aiming to 
achieve with it. We find it wonderful that dnsdist allows us to offer 
multiple DNS privacy services with distinct privacy properties using a 
single dnsdist configuration.

best regards,

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