[Pdns-users] Looking to hire for PowerDNS upgrade (contract)

Eric Jung eric.jung at getfoxyproxy.org
Tue Jun 20 14:05:41 UTC 2023


I am looking to hire someone (in a contract role) to do a PowerDNS upgrade. Please reply directly if interested.

The system has these components:

PowerDNS: current version is 4.1.4 ==> update to latest. Note: I am aware that updates from 4.1.4 to 4.7.x must be done incrementally

PowerDNS-Admin: update to newest version (curently running on the same machine as PowerDNS)

CentOS release 7.9.2009 ==> update to CentOS 9 Stream or latest CentOS

MariaDB: current is 10.1.41 ==> update 10.11 which is the current long-term release (valid until 2028)

Finally, there is a ns2 server that also needs updating. It is only a PowerDNS client .

Thank you,
Eric Jung

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