[Pdns-users] Strange behaviour with ALIAS/CNAME records

Andrea Biancalani a.biancalani at conmet.it
Mon Apr 17 11:50:16 UTC 2023

Hello there,

I'm facing a strange behaviour with ALIAS/CNAME records , this is how to 
replicate the error:

1) create an empty example.com zone;
2) add those records

>     @    IN ALIAS 60 mytest.example.com.
>     www IN ALIAS 60 mytest.example.com.

3) commit the changes, it should apply with no errors
4) edit the zone example.com and modify contents like this

>     @    IN ALIAS 60 mytest.example.com.
>     www IN CNANE 60 @.

5) commit changes, it will popup an error

*RRset www.example.com. IN CNAME: Conflicts with pre-existing RRSET*

6) delete now the www record and commit changes
7) create now the same record, as before

>     @    IN ALIAS 60 mytest.example.com.
>     www IN CNANE 60 @.

8) commit changes, and /voilà /... *SUCCESS: Applied changes successfully.

*Can anybody tell me why it throws an error before, but removing the 
record and creating it again leads to an OK message (and nslookup 
confirm it works)?*
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