[Pdns-users] Is there any way to write an LUA record that will apply over multiple query names?

Mohammad Ishtiaq Ashiq Khan iashiq5 at vt.edu
Tue Sep 6 05:18:06 UTC 2022

I am currently using PowerDNS as an authoritative server for my domain and
was experimenting with dynamic DNS via LUA records. From the documentation,
it seems like the LUA record is limited to a particular query name only.
For example, if I add an LUA record like the following, it will apply only
if the query name is *www.google.com <http://www.google.com>*.

www.google.com    IN    LUA    A    "ifportup(443, {'', ''})"

I was wondering whether it is possible to extend this dynamic behavior for
multiple query names. For example, if the query name has 'www' at the
beginning (not only for www.google.com but also for wwww.google.com), the
associated LUA script will be executed.

Could anyone let me know if this can be done? If it can not be done using
LUA, is there any way to achieve this using PowerDNS or perhaps any other
standard DNS server software out there? Would be grateful if anyone could

Thanks and best regards,

Mohammad Ishtiaq Ashiq Khan,
Ph.D. Student,
Department of Computer Science,
Virginia Tech
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