[Pdns-users] Warning in syslog after upgrade to PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.7

Giorgio Lardone giorgio.lardone at consul.to
Thu Oct 27 11:07:29 UTC 2022

Dear all,
after updating my secondary PowerDNS to version 4.7, I see a myriad of these messages in the syslog:

"pdns_server[7658]: GSS-TSIG request but not feature not compiled in"


"pdns_server[7658]: Unable to retrieve SOA for domainname.tld, this was the first time. NOTE: For every subsequent failed SOA check the domain will be suspended from freshness checks for 'num-errors x 60 seconds', with a maximum of 3600 seconds. Skipping SOA checks until 1666868614"

What do you think they depend on?

Thanks for your opinion,
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