[Pdns-users] Remove zombie/dead zones on superslave server

Pieter Lexis pieter+powerdns at plexis.eu
Wed Nov 30 14:20:35 UTC 2022


On Mon, 2022-11-28 at 19:12 +0100, Andrea Biancalani via Pdns-users
> is there a way to be noticed on master's GUI (or slave) of
> zombie/dead 
> zones in superslave server?

There is no option like that, as noted in the docs[1]:

=== Quote ===
Removal of zones provisioned using the autoprimary must be done on the
secondaries themselves, as there is no way to signal this removal from
the primary to the secondary.
=== End Quote ===

> Everytime I forgot to manually delete a zone from superslave and I 
> notice that watching total domain count, I need to diff export from
>     pdnsutil list-all-zones primary > out1 (on master)
>     diff
>     pdnsutil list-all-zones secondary > out2 (on slave)
> automatic pruning of zombie/dead zones on superslave will be great,
> but 
> even just notice that domain not served anymore is enough really.
> Any advice or idea about it?

You could have a look at Catalog Zones[2] in the latest releases of the
Authoritative Server.
Catalog Zones can provision and remove zones on secondaries[3].

Depending on the backend used, you can also switch to Native domains.
This means that PowerDNS won't do primary/secondary but the underlying
database does the replication of the data between the nameservers.

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1 - 
2 - https://docs.powerdns.com/authoritative/catalog.html
3 - 

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