[Pdns-users] Serial increase not reflecte in database

Ansgar Wiechers ansgar.wiechers at automatic-server.com
Fri Jan 21 10:27:59 UTC 2022

On 2022-01-21 Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> As far as I'm aware we are not using DNSSEC for the zones in
>> question, so anything DNSSEC-related should not be an issue.
> If you do not use DNSSEC then there is no reason to set SOA-EDIT. If
> SOA-EDIT-API is set, every change (via PDNS API) increments the serial
> in the DB. Hence, the "primary check" (activated by master=yes) will
> detect the incremented serial and send NOTIFYs to secondaries.
> If the zone is not changed, then there is no need to increase the
> serial by PowerDNS's SOA fake mechanisms. Hence, delete SOA-EDIT from
> domainmetadata (and set "default-soa-edit=" in pdns.conf)

I will give that a try.

One last question: does "default-soa-edit" default to empty when the
setting is not present in the pdns.conf, or do I need to explicitly set

Thank you for your time.

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