[Pdns-users] control socket name in virtual instance

Mariano Absatz - el Baby pdns-baby at spm.ybab.net
Fri Jan 21 00:23:10 UTC 2022


I'm using pdns 4.5.2 under Debian 11.

I configured 2 virtual instances of pdns following the instructions in 

One is called "EXTERNO" and the other "INTERNO", with configurations in 
/etc/powerdns/pdns-EXTERNO.conf and /etc/powerdns/pdns-INTERNO.conf

Now I'd like to try pdns_control on the same host.

The problem I have is that the socket for the "EXTERNO" instance is 
/var/run/pdns-EXTERNO/pdns*-EXTERNO*.controlsocket and the socket for 
the "INTERNO" instance is /var/run/pdns-INTERNO/pdns*-INTERNO*.controlsocket

However, if I try to use the pdns_control command, it only has a 
--socket-dir option, but no --socket-name option, and it assumes the 
socket name is /always/ pdns.controlsocket.

I can't find either a socket-name (or equivalent) option for the 
configuration file.

Here's an example:

$ pdns_control --socket-dir=/var/run/pdns-EXTERNO current-config
Fatal error: Unable to connect to remote '/var/run/pdns-EXTERNO/pdns.controlsocket': No such file or directory
$ ls -l /var/run/pdns-EXTERNO
total 0
srwxr-xr-x 1 pdns pdns 0 Jan 20 20:59 pdns-EXTERNO.controlsocket

Any help will be appreciated.

Mariano Absatz - el Baby

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