[Pdns-users] Serial increase not reflecte in database

Ansgar Wiechers ansgar.wiechers at automatic-server.com
Thu Jan 20 11:21:39 UTC 2022


I have a setup running PowerDNS (v4.4.1 on Ubuntu Xenial) as hidden
masters with BIND slaves as the authoritative name servers. The metadata
of the zones are these:

  me at localhost:~# pdnsutil get-meta example.org
  Metadata for 'example.org'
  TSIG-ALLOW-AXFR = transfer

The PowerDNS masters also run PowerAdmin as a web frontend for admins.

When I add/delete/modify records through the web frontend, everything
works fine. The serial is increased as one would expect and notifies go
out to the slaves.

PowerDNS seems to also automatically increase the serial to the epoch on
a schedule (once a week?). Happened again this morning at 00:00 UTC.

This would normally be fine, but the change seems to occur only in the
service itself and is not reflected in the SOA record stored in the

  me at localhost:~# pdnsutil list-zone example.org | grep SOA
  example.org	300	IN	SOA	ns-3.example.org admin.example.com 1642160487 10800 3600 604800 3600
  me at localhost:~# dig @ -t SOA example.org +short
  ns-3.example.org. admin.example.com. 1642636800 10800 3600 604800 3600

Is this expected behavior? And if so, what is the reasoning behind it
(because I certainly did not expect it)?

Ansgar Wiechers
Automatic Server AG  ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙
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Telefon: +41 71 511 31 11

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