[Pdns-users] Recursor address in Dnstap messages

Hans Seidel hseidel at benocs.com
Mon Mar 22 07:44:07 UTC 2021

Hello Peter,

thanks for the tip with the identity field. I will look into it. I need 
to make a few changes in our log receiver, since we do not evaluate this 
field yet.


On 19.03.21 11:12, Peter van Dijk via Pdns-users wrote:
> Hello Hans,
> On Fri, 2021-03-19 at 10:08 +0100, Hans Seidel via Pdns-users wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we are using the message logging via Dnstap of the PowerDNS Recursor
>> (version 4.4.2). Since we have several instances that send us log
>> messages, we want to distinguish the different instances via their IP
>> address. I assumed that recursors IP address is set in the
>> query_address field of the Dnstap massage but it is not set at all.
> You're right, the code does not set it.
> How about the identity field? Is that set in the feeds you get?
>> Is there an option to set/add the recursor IP address to the Dnstap
>> messages?
> Not right now, the code simply is not there - filing a feature request
> via https://github.com/PowerDNS/pdns/issues/new/choose is always
> possible, of course, but first I'd like to see if the identity field
> might work for you.
> Kind regards,

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