[Pdns-users] PDNS Authoritative and CNAME pointing to external Domain responds with NXDOMAIN

Thomas thomas at plant.systems
Tue Jun 22 13:55:17 UTC 2021


I have upgraded pdns authoritative server from version 4.3 to version 
4.4.1 on CentOS 7, MySQL is the backend.
If I query a CNAME record on both servers I get the following error (do 
not remember if it worked before the upgrade):

[root at pdns1 log]# nslookup www.example.it localhost
Server:         localhost
Address:        ::1#53

www.example.it        canonical name = cms-v2.externaldomain.cloud.
** server can't find cms-v2.externaldomain.cloud: NXDOMAIN

pdnsutil check-zone gives no error.
All CNAMES on this server give this error I have seen. Except for 
internal domains, which work.
Don't know if this is important, but ALIAS records resolve just fine.

Thanks for any hint on resolving this,

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