[Pdns-users] Sub-domains and zones

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at mail.com
Fri Jun 18 05:11:36 UTC 2021

Am 18.06.21 um 06:16 schrieb Daniel Miller via Pdns-users:
> I've tried (and failed) to implement this previously - I'd like to try
> again. I haven't found an explicit example for this in the pdns
> documentation - possibly because this is a "straight" DNS question and
> *shouldn't* be implementation specific...but I'm admitting ignorance all
> around.
> I understand how to define a "basic" zone (at least, they work...). And,
> I've been able to register domains with various services and access
> those domains via the public internet. What I don't know how to do -
> because I still don't fully understand DNS resolution - is how to
> declare/publish a sub-domain.
> Given a published zone of ".myzone.com" - I want to have a list of hosts
> like:
> a.sub.myzone.com
> b.sub.myzone.com
> c.sub.myzone.com
> Nothing special. I can implement this by explicitly declaring each host
> in my parent zone - and this works. But I want to manage the subdomain
> separately. So besides creating a zone ".sub.myzone.com" and adding the
> host records - what other "glue" is required?
> Do I need to explicitly publish ".sub.myzone.com" with my registrar?

> Do I place NS records for ".sub.myzone.com" in the parent zone?

> Do I place NS records for ".sub.myzone.com" in the sub-zone?

> Do I need to explicitly declare a forward-zone for ".sub.myzone.com" in
> addition to the parent zone?

> Any help would be appreciated - and I think the docs could benefit from
> this explicit example.

Make sure that your subzone(s) have SOA records.

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