[Pdns-users] PowerDNS with Hidden master + MySQL replication in various scenarios

Chris Wopat me at falz.net
Tue Aug 3 16:33:40 UTC 2021

On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 9:55 AM Chris Wopat <me at falz.net> wrote:
> 3) We're secondary-only to a primary server we don't manage. In our
> current situation, legacy servers adns1/adns2 perform the AXFR. In the
> new scenario, we want this to be hidden master ns0 and NOT ns1/ns2,
> because of database read only. ns0 pdns.conf gets secondary=yes,
> ns1/ns2 do not.
> Question: Will this even function if ns0 isn't listed on NS
> records/whois? If not, am i forced to have all 3 servers be able to
> write to the replicated DB? This seems like either it wouldn't work at
> all or would cause issues over time.

I had not heard back from anyone about this, but in the meantime a fix
was figured out and implemented using dnsdis (https://dnsdist.org/) on
ns1/ns2 servers remain read only and send NOTIFY packets to ns0,
adding ECS headers to keep originating client info intact.

Full config and explanation here:



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