[Pdns-users] LMDB or SQLite backend

Ambauen Daniel (ID NET) daniel.ambauen at id.ethz.ch
Tue Apr 27 15:07:46 UTC 2021

Hello List

I have a PowerDNS setup with one hidden primary and two secondary servers.  
Now I need to decide on a backend for the secondaries.
For me the choices are SQLite3 or LMDB.
One reason is I don't want to have a separate server process for the database.

What are the arguments for LMDB?
What are the arguments for SQLite3?

On the whole the PowerDNS documentation is quite good.
The documentation describes the supported backends and some of their capabilities. 
Unfortunately, informations describing the use case of the different backends are missing. Besides your own preferences, there will certainly be technical reasons. 

Our DNS system includes ~ 1100 domains and 600'000 domain names without DNSSEC. One domain is very large (400'000 records), many are smaller than 10 records. DNSSEC will double the number of DNS records in our system.

Is this too much data for SQLite is LMDB the better choice?

What are the community experiences with SQLite and with LMDB?

Kind regards

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