[Pdns-users] What determines authoritative?

Nico CARTRON nico at ncartron.org
Sat Jun 20 16:46:47 UTC 2020


On 20-Jun-2020 17:47 CEST, <pdns-users at mailman.powerdns.com> wrote:

> Yes, this is probably a dumb question, but I couldn't figure it out in
> 20 minutes of googling.
> I have a pdns installation for my local network. V4.1.13.  Mysql
> backend.
> I noticed while debugging something else that it is returning
> non-authoritative answers for a zone for which should be the
> authority.
> The zone has an SOA naming this host as the authority.  It has an NS
> record saying it's the server for this zone.  It knows its hostname.
> The A record for itself is correct.  There *should* be enough
> information there for it to determine that it's authoritative.
> FWIW, I *think* in times past, this used to work.  So maybe I've
> inadvertently changed some config?  Dunno.
> What are the necessary conditions for pdns to return authoritative
> answers?

Would you mind sharing your configuration (pdns.conf as well as the zone
in question)?
And also some dig requests against your PDNS Auth server.


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