[Pdns-users] What determines authoritative?

jrd-pdns at jrd.org jrd-pdns at jrd.org
Sat Jun 20 15:47:49 UTC 2020

Yes, this is probably a dumb question, but I couldn't figure it out in
20 minutes of googling.

I have a pdns installation for my local network. V4.1.13.  Mysql

I noticed while debugging something else that it is returning
non-authoritative answers for a zone for which should be the

The zone has an SOA naming this host as the authority.  It has an NS
record saying it's the server for this zone.  It knows its hostname.
The A record for itself is correct.  There *should* be enough
information there for it to determine that it's authoritative.

FWIW, I *think* in times past, this used to work.  So maybe I've
inadvertently changed some config?  Dunno.

What are the necessary conditions for pdns to return authoritative

TIA . . .

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