[Pdns-users] Using PDNS as an internal private DNS for custom TLD

Steven Christensen sdchristen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 20:55:39 UTC 2020

Not sure if this is the correct place but....

I have PDNS and Poweradmin running on CentOS 8 with MariaDB backend.
The server has a private IP address of

I would like this box to be an internal DNS server for other internal only
devices on the same subnet.

I want the the zone to be ".lan"


this device would be dns1.lan
then there would be host1.lan, host2.lan, host3.lan

I added $dns_strict_tld_check   = false;  to my

Stopped and started MariaDB, PDNS, and HTTPD.

In poweradmin when I go to add master zone and type in .lan or lan I get Error:
You have invalid characters in your hostname.
Error: lan failed - Invalid hostname.

Can PDNS do what I am looking for?  Do I need to do it from the CLI?


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