[Pdns-users] Are queries towards RPZ domains supposed to use the packet cache?

sthaug at nethelp.no sthaug at nethelp.no
Fri Feb 14 14:06:10 UTC 2020

>> I have previously used PowerDNS recursor and RPZ while treating all
>> query sources equally. This works fine.
>> I'm now trying to use RPZ to block copyright type domains selectively
>> based on source IP from the query, by using Lua discardPolicy. I'm
>> seeing an unexpected interaction with the packet cache.


>> My question is basically: Is this behavior expected? I find it highly
>> surprising, since it basically means that the RPZ functionality (and
>> whether it works or not) depends on packetcache contents.
> Yes, this is expected. Look at
> https://docs.powerdns.com/recursor/lua-scripting/dq.html#DNSQuestion.variable
> for the solution.

Thank you, that got me a bit further. But I'm not where I want to be
yet. DNSQuestion.variable will let me decide whether an answer should
be inserted into the packet cache or not. But using this in the prerpz
hook I have (so far) not found a way to make insertion in the packet
cache dependent on the *policy name* - which is what I'm trying to
achieve here.

If I have

rpzFile("/usr/local/etc/pdns/a.zone", {policyName="a"})
rpzFile("/usr/local/etc/pdns/b.zone", {policyName="b"})
rpzFile("/usr/local/etc/pdns/c.zone", {policyName="c"})

is there a way to excempt *only* policy "c" from the packet cache?

Steinar Haug, AS2116

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