[Pdns-users] LUA script to change TTL based on answer?

jahlives jahlives at gmx.ch
Thu Sep 12 06:39:14 UTC 2019


I'm quite new to pdns, used bind before for ages :-)

I wonder if the following would be possible with a LUA script in pdns
I enforce quite low TTL on pnds-rescuror and dnssec validation is on.
The low TTL makes me headache for queries to check if a domain is dnssec
enabled at all. As most of them are not those negative answers are
cached with the low TTL, therefore my pdns-resursor makes unnessecary
So I wondered if I could use a LUA script to manipulate the TTL for just
those negative answers to higher TTL in cache. That way the amount of
unnessecary queries would be reduced. I'm aware that enforce low TTL in
first place might be against RFC but in my use case I need the low TTL
(mostly) :-)

Thanks for any help/idea


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