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Wed Sep 4 10:02:01 UTC 2019

On 04/09/2019 10:50, seddik alaoui ismaili wrote:
> If we disable the MOMO.COM <http://MOMO.COM> on DNS serveur firstly, 
> there will be an impact for the other domains we will migrate after ? 

First, you create MOMO.COM on route53, with identical zone contents.

Then you change the registrar to point to route53's nameservers.

Then you wait for at least 48 hours.  At this point, no queries for 
*.MOMO.COM (including NS1.MOMO.COM/NS2.MOMO.COM) should be arriving at 
your nameservers.

Then you could delete MOMO.COM from our own nameservers if you wish - or 
you can just leave it there, it doesn't matter.

At this point, any other domains which use NS1/2.MOMO.COM will still be 
working as before.  They will still be delegated to NS1/2.MOMO.COM.  DNS 
lookups to resolve NS1/2.MOMO.COM to A/AAAA records will still work - 
those lookups will be querying route53's nameservers.  But the actual 
queries for those other domains will still arrive at NS1/2.MOMO.COM

The important thing is: when you create the MOMO.COM domain on route53, 
don't change the contents.  Most importantly, leave NS1/2.MOMO.COM 
pointing to your existing powerDNS servers - since your other domains 
depend on being able to resolve NS1/2.MOMO.COM.

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