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Thanks for replying Brian,
If we disable the MOMO.COM on DNS serveur firstly, there will be an impact
for the other domains we will migrate after ?


Le mer. 4 sept. 2019 à 11:35, Brian Candler <b.candler at pobox.com> a écrit :

> On 04/09/2019 10:05, seddik alaoui ismaili wrote:
> The purpose of this migration is also to migrate the others domains that
> are managed by the same NS (NS1 and NS2).
> The question is the following, if we start by disabling the MOMO.COM zone
> on powerdns and deleting the A (GLUE) records on route53, there will be an
> impact for the other domains we will migrate after? Is it a good idea to do
> it before moving the other zones?
> Then for each domain that will move, we will delete the NS and create the
> zone on route53
> This isn't really a powerDNS question, but I'll answer briefly anyway.
> The glue records for NS1/2.MOMO.COM are irrelevant here.  When you move
> momo.com to route53, you'll be assigned a new set of nameservers, e.g.
> momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-1143.awsdns-14.org.
> momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-1944.awsdns-51.co.uk.
> momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-422.awsdns-52.com.
> momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-964.awsdns-56.net.
> Therefore, you change the set of nameservers to that list in the
> registrar.  ns1/2.momo.com are not used to serve momo.com any more, and
> hence the glue records are no longer required.
> Equally, this doesn't affect any other domains which are remaining on ns1/
> 2.momo.com, since ns1/2.momo.com will still resolve to your nameserver IP
> addresses.
> When you move those other domains to route53, you'll have to change
> *their* list of nameservers too (and note: you may get a *different* set of
> nameservers for each domain you move to route53)
> When you've finished the whole process, you can decommission ns1/
> ns2.momo.com
> Regards,
> Brian.
> P.S. the domain "momo.com" is currently running on nameservers "
> dante.enter.it" and "dexter.enter.it"
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