[Pdns-users] regarding remote backend timeout

Archna Walecha archnag at cdot.in
Wed Nov 20 09:10:11 UTC 2019


I have a setup with a pgsql and a remote backend with PDNS auth server version 4.0. Remote backend works on HTTP with POST operation. If my remote backend is unreachable, then it is observed that for queries that can be responded from pgsql backend, pdns instance keeps trying to send HTTP requests to the remote backend for all subqueries and with multiple retries. Timeout doesn't happen between pdns and remote backend for several minutes(in one observation it was 6 minutes), while DNS client sending query to pdns times out, and response from pgsql backend is not sent to the DNS client. As per documentation of remote backend, the least timeout value that can be set for remote backend is 1000 ms. Please suggest how to get over this issue.

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