[Pdns-users] powerdns with a cpanel environment

Andreas Wili cicco0 at outlook.com
Fri Nov 15 15:44:11 UTC 2019


we plan to exchange our nameserver setup and instead of the DNS cluster setup of cPanel we want to use an independent setup of PowerDNS. Since we manage a large number of domains and therefore have many changes to zones, we decided to use a master/slave setup with Notify. 

Are there people on this mailing list who have already set up such a setup and would share some insights? A local setup with Vagrant without cPanel works as expected.

Specifically, we fail because the slaves do not receive a notification from the master or the master does not send a notification. The domain can be created via cPanel WHM, cPanel executes a "pdns_control reload" but a "notify domain" stays out:

Nov 15 15:42:01 dns-master pdns_server: Reload was requested
Nov 15 15:42:02 dns-master pdns_server: Reload was requested

The following values seem to be ignored for unknown reasons:

According to my understanding /etc/named.conf should be checked every 60 seconds and then inform the slaves about new domains? Or do I misunderstand the principle?

Can someone help me with the problem?

Thank you very much for your answers,

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