[Pdns-users] recursor 4.2.0-beta1 fails to resolve p4.no

Øystein Viggen oystein.viggen at ntnu.no
Wed May 8 07:42:22 UTC 2019


I initially discovered this when running the 4.1.x recursor release that
had the dns flag day changes.  P4 is a popular Norwegian radio station,
so with some 50k users there were some complaints..

The thing that makes me think this is an error in powerdns recursor is
that the checker on dnsflagday.net tells me "This domain is going to
work after February 1st 2019" when I check p4.no.

Recursor 4.1.12 accepts the zone:

$ host p4.no dnscache1
Using domain server:
Name: dnscache1
Address: 2001:700:300::200#53

p4.no has address
p4.no has address
p4.no has IPv6 address 2001:820:2::a:102
p4.no has IPv6 address 2001:820:2::a:103
p4.no mail is handled by 20 p4-no.mx2.comendosystems.net.
p4.no mail is handled by 10 p4-no.mx1.comendosystems.com.

Recursor 4.2.0-beta1 doesnt:

$ host p4.no dnscachetest01
Using domain server:
Name: dnscachetest01

Host p4.no not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

Is powerdns recursor 4.2 or dnsflagday.net correct here?


hostmaster at ntnu.no

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