[Pdns-users] Reverse Lookup zone subnetted

Alan Hodgson ahodgson at lists.simkin.ca
Thu Jul 18 23:33:43 UTC 2019

On Thu, 2019-07-18 at 23:02 +0000, bryantz-pdns at zktech.com wrote:
> We have a /27 block of IP's from our datacenter
> Using binddns we listed them like this example  
> zone file - 60/
> We then added PTR records for it would looks something like
> 62.60/ IN PTR mail.ourserver.net
> 63.60/ IN PTR mail.ourotherserver.net
> For some reason PowerDNS will not handle the reverse zone as
> 60/
> It will not respond to reverse dns lookup requests. 
> If I pull the 60/27. off and use just the first 3 octets of the
> domain / zone I can get reverse lookup to work, but 
> We can't respond to the full /24 as we only have smaller blocks. 
> Is there any clean way to only listen on a subnet for reverse DNS
> lookup?
> Any ideas on how to fix this?

rfc2317 is the standard way to achieve this, which it looks like you're
trying to do.

I just put your example (more or less) into a powerdns 4.1.10 bind
backend config and it serves the PTRs just fine.

You likely just have a syntax error somewhere (like missing the
trailing dots as in your example above) or the datacenter didn't set
the CNAMEs or NS delegation correctly.
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