[Pdns-users] Help with mydns backend

Vincent Hoffman-Kazlauskas vince at unsane.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 17:22:31 UTC 2019

We've actually seen similar at work as we're currently running on
pdns-3.4.10 and want to move to a supported version. I haven't raised it
here as the decision was made to move to the gmysql backend, then
upgrade so we got the the extra features such as DNSSEC.

Sorry its not very helpful but I thought better a me too than silence.
I might be able to persuade them to test/provide data if needed, but no


On 07/02/2019 17:11, Rob Campbell wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to switch from mydns-ng to powerdns 4.1.6 with the mydns
> backend. It seems to be working fine on my quietest nameserver but on a
> busy one it starts returning REFUSED to queries after a few minutes and
> I can't work out why as it's not logging any errors. I tried setting
> loglevel=6 and still didn't get anything logged. How can I get some logs
> showing why it's returning REFUSED?
> Seems like we ramp up to over 70 TCP connections quite quickly and we're
> fine at first but once we hit that many either the backend can't keep up
> or we're hitting some limit I've not found.
> Config is:
> launch=
> security-poll-suffix=
> server-id=
> include-dir=/etc/powerdns/pdns.d
> setgid=pdns
> setuid=pdns
> version-string=anonymous
> max-tcp-connections=1024
> receiver-threads=8
> reuseport=yes
> cache-ttl=60
> loglevel=6
> launch+=mydns
> mydns-soa-active=no
> mydns-rr-active=no
> Can anyone help me work out why it's refusing queries?
> Kind regards,
> Rob Campbell.
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