[Pdns-users] DNS64 "advanced" configuration in pdns

Jan Zorz - Go6 jan at go6.si
Thu Aug 29 11:19:54 UTC 2019


Bert suggested me to direct my question to this mailing list ;)

I'm looking into how "DNS64 function just for specific prefixes" is 
handled in different DNS servers and while looking into PowerDNS I 
couldn't find anything useful. I understand that DNS64 function is 
provided through scripting 
(https://doc.powerdns.com/recursor/dns64.html), but I'm wondering if 
anyone already built a script to do more advanced DNS64 configuration?

First thing that I'm looking at is the option to respond with DNS64 
synthesized AAAA records just to specific IPv6 subnets. Imagine that you 
have just one test network with IPv6-only environment and you would like 
your resolver to synthesize AAAAs for that one, but respond normally to 
the rest of your network. Any idea?

Another thing that I'm looking into is also the option to be able to 
send synthesized AAAA records with different NAT64 prefixes to different 
client subnets. In Bind language:

acl first-nat64-users-segment {
options {
     dns64 2001:db8:0:164::/96 {
               clients { first-nat64-users-segment; };
acl second-nat64-users-segment {
options {
     dns64 2001:db8:0:264::/96 {
               clients { second-nat64-users-segment; };

This would be tremendously useful for mobile operators for scaling NAT64 
implementations nicely and send users from different prefixes through 
different smaller NAT64 boxes.

Is this doable currently with PowerDNS?

Cheers, and thnx, Jan Žorž

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