[Pdns-users] How to optimize cache hit ratio

Markus Ehrlicher Markus.Ehrlicher at komsa.de
Mon Aug 5 09:28:25 UTC 2019


rec-control is a command from the recursor, so why are you talking about your authoritative nameserver?
There are a too small number of queries - you can not draw conclusions from this, in my opinion.

Here’s an example from my ns:

root at ns1:~# rec_control get-all|grep cache
cache-entries   119504
cache-hits      474284
cache-misses    10249358
max-cache-entries       1000000
max-packetcache-entries 500000
negcache-entries        11014
packetcache-entries     82704
packetcache-hits        17015067
packetcache-misses      10715597

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Betreff: [Pdns-users] How to optimize cache hit ratio

Hello everyone
[root at ops-dns-recursor-3 ~]# rec_control get-all|grep cache
cache-entries  121
cache-hits        0
cache-misses  12
max-cache-entries       3000000
max-packetcache-entries        500000
negcache-entries        4
packetcache-entries    7
packetcache-hits         51
packetcache-misses    12
I don't know if the data monitored on my authoritative node is normal, but it seems that there is a high probability that the miss will be lost. How can I optimize it?

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