[Pdns-users] using both sql + bind backend?

Mike mike+lists at yourtownonline.com
Sun Apr 14 16:06:15 UTC 2019


    Is it possible to use both sql and the bind backend at the same
time? I have a number of zones which are pretty generic and Im happy
with sql storage for these. I have another set of zones however in which
it would be more useful to have a bind compatible config file for. In my
case, it's for documentation; I want to be able to keep comments with
records in order that the relationships between certain things are
spelled out and bind format is a convenient (and logical) place for
this. If it matters, I really only care about this on my (hidden) master
server, which is where all of this administration takes place.
Awesomeness would be able to keep the order of records and comments in
sql backend but thats a feature request...

Thank you.


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