[Pdns-users] Setting up dnsdist + authoritative for small domain

Daniel Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Wed Apr 10 19:04:45 UTC 2019

Running my own server has been...an interesting experience over the years. 
Now I'm thinking it's time for a new experiment.

I presently have my own physical server and recently setup a cloud-hosted 
VPS. The VPS is being used to host a new domain. PowerDNS Authoritative is 
installed and configured as a slave (sqlite backend). PowerDNS Recursor is 
installed for the server's use (nonpublic) - I turned off the systemd 
resolver. The new domain was created on my main server as master (mysql 
backend) and it syncs just fine. Even got DNSSEC working.

So now...I'm wondering providing my domain via TLS and possibly HTTP. I 
obviously don't need load-balancing...but it looks like the "new toys" of 
DNS are provided by dnsdist. So with my setup (two servers as pdns 
master/slave) how do I implement this? Do I install dnsdist  on both 
servers, with dnsdist as the public-facing DNS provider, and just put the 
two servers into the pool? What else do I have to do to maintain the 
master/slave sync?


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