[Pdns-users] [Ext] Re: [Ext] Re: [Ext] Re: Trying to find a simple "how to" - pdnsutil secure-zone version

Edward Lewis edward.lewis at icann.org
Wed Apr 10 14:02:53 UTC 2019

On 4/10/19, 09:11, "Brian Candler" <mailto:b.candler at pobox.com> wrote:

>You are missing the relevant pdns backend package, which I believe is "pdns-backend-mysql".  apt-get install it.

Thanks.  But now I'm completely hosed.

During installation I added a password (good) ... but eventually hit an error indicating I already had a data base with a conflicting name.  Now I'm trying to undo/start over from scratch.

I did check "what if I just run"...and I see this in the logs:

gmysql Connection failed: Could not prepare statement: insert into records (content,ttl,prio,type,domain_id,disabled,name,ordername,auth,change_date) values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,NULL): Unknown column 'change_date' in 'field list'

That's some sort of progress but I'm less able to fix that.  This makes me wonder if the web page example is out of synch with ... something else.

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