[Pdns-users] Two sqlite backends, only one getting queried

Aki Tuomi cmouse at cmouse.fi
Thu Oct 18 06:04:28 UTC 2018

On 17.10.2018 17.09, LordEidi wrote:
> On 17.10.18 14:34, bert hubert wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 01:52:19PM +0200, LordEidi wrote:
>>> PowerDNS starts and runs without an error. But when queried I only get
>>> answers to records which are in the first sqlite DB. The content of the
>>> second DB is completely ignored. No error in the logs. There is also no zone
>>> info when using the cli tool to check the status of pdns.
>> Can you show your configuration, without editing?
> Not really w/o editing. But here you go:
> pdns.local.conf
> #
> launch=gsqlite3:first,gsqlite3:second
> # Database location
> gsqlite3-first-database=/home/test/first.sqlite3
> gsqlite3-first-dnssec=off
> gsqlite3-second-database=/home/test/second.sqlite3
> gsqlite3-second-dnssec=off
> Both sqlite databases contain full structure, as well as records in
> domains and records tables. In domains I tested both, MASTER and NATIVE
> types.
>> Additionally, check if you have a . SOA in your first database. Once
>> PowerDNS finds an applicable SOA in a database, it will not study secondary
>> ones.
> That is a good hint which kills one of my use cases. One use case would
> have been to have a core database and have the dyndns service only
> access the second database.
> I take it that this is non sqlite specific behaviour. If I had two BIND
> zonefiles or a mixtures of backends, that would be the same?
> As a hint, I would have loved to read that in the doc re backends. :)
>>> Any hints what's the problem? Is the Debian package somewhat old and this is
>>> a known bug which was fixed in a newer PowerDNS version? Or is there some
>>> trick when using multiple sqlite backends?
>> We have done some work to make it better. https://repo.powerdns.com has
>> packages you can use to test.
> Good idea.
> What would you recommend for production? Your package or the debian
> projects'.
>> In general, it will work as long as there is no overlap in zones between the
>> two backends.
> Again, this is non sqlite specific, this is a rule in general?
> Thanks for your help.
> Cheers,
> Eidi

It is not possible to keep zones split into multiple backends. This
applies to all backends. If you want to have a dyndns database, delegate
something like 'dyn.example.com' from 'example.com' and host the dyn
domain in the other backend.


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