[Pdns-users] recursor: no reverse lookups

Sig Pam spam at itserv.de
Sun Nov 18 15:00:53 UTC 2018

Hi all!

I have trouble with reverse lookup of IP addresses. Reverse lookups work when I directly request my Bind9, but not pdns-recursor forwarding the request to the same Bind9. I do this because I want to use the lua-script facility to filter incoming requests, allowing only the lookup of named zones and domains.

I run pdns-recursor (4.0.4, Debian) on the same machine as my Bind9. Bind9 listens to port 53, pdns-recurser to 5300 (should be interchanged in the future). The Bind is able to resolve either local zones or looks up any IP-address on the web.

Here is my config file for pdns-recursor:

root at host:/etc/powerdns# grep -v '#' recursor.conf |grep -v '^$' 










With this setup, I can forward lookup all IP addresses - my local zones as well as Internet addresses, both by directly asking Bind9 as well as pdns-recursor.

However, the reverse lookup does only work when I directly talk to Bind, but not when asking pdns-recursor.

This is the answer from Bind (port 53) ( is the Bind/pdns-recursor test server)

[root at hallo ~]# nslookup -

> set port=53



Address: name = sixtysix.corp.mydomain.de.

And this from pdns-recursor (port 5300)

[root at hallo ~]# nslookup -

> set port=5300




** server can't find NXDOMAIN

I don’t understand what might be wrong with the lookup of IP addresses through pdns-recursor, as I (think I) forward all requests to my Bind with the forward-zones-recurse=.

Can somebody please help me and tell me what’s wrong?

Thank you very much!


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