[Pdns-users] About the retrieve option

Thib D thibmac0241 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 09:42:07 UTC 2018


I'm currently testing AXFR updates between a master and a slave server.

When I am doing a massive zone refresh, the slave then asks the master the
SOA of every zone. It's a pretty long process when you have a lot of zones.

Meanwhile, I would like to be able to force an other update with
"pdns_control retrieve example.com" and see the modification on the slave

Unfortunately, it looks like the retrieve message is queued behind all the
refreshes instructions. It means I have to wait for the refreshes to be
done to force an update the zone on the slave.

Is this a normal behavior ? I would like to know if there was an option or
a trick to force the zone update immediatly while other zones are updating.

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