[Pdns-users] About SOA-EDIT AND SOA-EDI-API

Diego Bellini Diego.Bellini at Exponential-e.com
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Thanks Aki
I read it but it was a bit confused

So these are two different ways to increment the serial number


In case of DNSSEC enabled
For a domain, I could use both in the domainmeatdata table

The big difference of the 2 would be that
- With SOA-EDIT-API the SOA serial of the datastore is changed according to the logic of SOA-EDIT-DNSUPDATE (when I add/delete/modify a RR)
- With SOA-EDIT, no change of the serial happens in the datastore, but the change is applied to DNS answers with the SOA record.
In this last case the increment is one of those listed in the section "Possible SOA-EDIT values" (https://doc.powerdns.com/md/authoritative/dnssec/#soa-edit-ensure-signature-freshness-on-slaves)

Is this correct?

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"soa_edit_api MAY be set. If it is set, on changes to the contents of a zone made through the API, the SOA record will be edited according to the SOA-EDIT-API rules." (https://doc.powerdns.com/md/httpapi/api_spec/<https://doc.powerdns.com/md/httpapi/api_spec/>)

SOA-EDIT: When serving this zone, modify the SOA serial number in one of several ways. Mostly useful to get slaves to re-transfer a zone regularly to get fresh RRSIGs. (https://doc.powerdns.com/md/authoritative/domainmetadata/#soa-edit<https://doc.powerdns.com/md/authoritative/domainmetadata/#soa-edit>)

On 22.01.2018 16:29, Diego Bellini wrote:
Good afternoon to all,
we migrated from a very old version of powerdns to the 4.0
In the current configuration dnssec is disabled , for the time being

And I am starting to use the api to insert/modiy/delete records

I am reading the api specifications but I don't get what is the difference between SOA-EDIT AND SOA-EDI-API specified in the doaminmetadata table for a domain

Can anyone give me a quick insight about it?

Thanks very much



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