[Pdns-users] Recursor ask zones first to authoritative server

Davide Panarese dpanarese at enter.eu
Tue Feb 20 10:19:39 UTC 2018

i’m working on PowerDNS POC for my company because we would replace existing DNS architecture.
I chose PowerDNS 4.1 version on Ubuntu Xenial.

My actual POC is composed by an Authoritative server where i set my public or local domain and a Recursor that is exposed to guests.

I'm stuck here:
i have a lot of local zones into my Authoritative server that are not published on the internet and it’s a big deal to specify all of them to recursor.conf  (forward-zone parameter), because we add local domains every days.
What i would have is that Recursor/DNSdist ask before to Authoritative server to check if there is the asked domain and, if not, ask to internet dns root servers.

I tried to change my architecture exposing Authoritative server with recursor capabilities but it's disabled into 4.1 version.

Anyone could help me to find the way? Do i have to use 4.0 version and use recursor options into Authoritative server or is there anything else that i can do (custom LUA script for recursor or DNSdist) ? 

Thanks a lot for you help

Davide Panarese
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