[Pdns-users] Multiple masters

Don Stokes don at nz.net
Sat Dec 15 08:48:03 UTC 2018

Hi Brian,

Yes, that's exactly what I've done. It does try both masters, 
eventually, but seems to get stuck on the "missing" one, and (from the 
log messages) seems to back off from doing anything due to the errors. 
I'd have expected it to query both masters in quick succession on 
receipt of a NOTIFY, and treat an unresponsive master independently of a 
responsive one.

This is with the latest Centos 7 RPMs on the 4.1 branch. Also note that 
I'm using TSIG and IXFR (I saw the same behaviour with AXFR).

-- don

On 15/12/18 8:03 PM, Brian Candler wrote:
> On 15/12/2018 06:29, Don Stokes wrote:
>> I'm looking to deploy PowerDNS in a slave configuration that has 
>> multiple (BIND) masters. In a test rig I'm finding that if I have 
>> dual masters configured on a PDNS slave, and one of the two masters 
>> is unavailable, the slave is querying the absent master and not 
>> failing over to the other.
>> And even if it receives and accepts a NOTIFY from the functional 
>> master, it still sends the SOA  query to the non-functional master.
> The first question is: what version of PDNS Authoritative are you using?
> The second is just to confirm how you have configured each zone with 
> multiple masters in SQL: is it a single row with a comma-separated 
> list of masters?
> INSERT  INTO  domains  (name,  master,  type)  VALUES  ('example.com',  ',',  'SLAVE');

Don Stokes, don at nz.net <mailto:don at nz.net>, 021 796 072
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