[Pdns-users] Reducing max cache time for specific domain

Mark K. Murdock mark.murdock at lanternsec.com
Sat Aug 25 18:15:05 UTC 2018

PDNS Community,

I have a situation where I have PowerDNS Recursor receiving DNS requests and handing off requests for certain domains to PowerDNS Authoritative.  For Internet requests and some other domains, the Recursor forwards the requests to other DNS servers.

The challenge I'm having, is I'd like the Recursor to have a rich cache of Internet records, according to the TTL set by those zones/records, but for our internal domains I would like the Recursor to do pretty limited caching.  Basically I am looking for a per-domain "max-cache-ttl" setting.  I've seen this question pop up in the community before when browsing the archives, but I'm not sure I've found an answer (and maybe because there currently is not a simple solution) that involves settings in just PDNS Recursor/Authoritative.

Interested in any feedback/suggestions you may have.

Thank you,

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