[Pdns-users] PDNS 4.1 install on CentOS 7

T.J. Yang tjyang2001 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 15:32:24 UTC 2018


I like to setup a pdns 4.1 in my small VMware lab at  home and the subnet
is test.lan(
my test serer pdns4.test.lan( will be serving as Auth. for and Recursor for public domains.

I was able to follow one online tutorial(R1) to setup pdns on centos 7.5.
but the
version is older pdns 3.4 version.

Without R1 step-by-step like instruction, I found I am having problem to do
the same for version pdns 4.1(R2).

My Current issue  is getting port 53 dns query refusal.

[root at pdns4 ~]#  nslookup cnn.com

** server can't find cnn.com.test.lan: REFUSED

[root at pdns4 ~]#

I have all the configure info documented in R2.

Can someone please take a look at R2 gdoc ?


Thanks for the pointer
T.J. Yang
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