[Pdns-users] change_date and API

Steve Atkins steve at blighty.com
Thu Nov 23 20:37:56 UTC 2017

> On Nov 23, 2017, at 12:27 PM, Eric Beck <ericbeck at cadns.ca> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Issue: When using the API, and gmysql backend, the change_date column is
> not updated.
> Ok, I know this subject as come up before, and from what I read there
> seemed to be a consensus at PowerDNS development to leave it as is.  The
> rationale as I read it was that there was low usage of the column by
> users ???? That may be the case in a general sense in that it's not a
> field used all the time.  But, when it is used, or when you need it, as
> in .... we get requests for when was the last update performed on the
> DNS, etc.  I note that PowerAdmin updates this field.
> We're currently in development and looking at either a proprietary
> interface which directly updates the pdns mysql backend, or using the
> API.  It certainly would be nice if the change_date column could be
> updated with the API.  I can't see that it's much overhead.  Am I wrong
> about that?  If we're updating a record or two let's say, in a zone,
> there's the update statement, so another update with the
> UNIX_TIMESTAMP() update for the column done immediately after it.
> I personally cannot see the "value" in not doing it.
> ???? thoughts ??? any change of heart there folks?

I don't have much of an opinion on whether the API should do it
or not, but it seems like it'd be fairly trivial to do with a database


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