[Pdns-users] change_date and API

Eric Beck ericbeck at cadns.ca
Thu Nov 23 20:27:47 UTC 2017


Issue: When using the API, and gmysql backend, the change_date column is
not updated.

Ok, I know this subject as come up before, and from what I read there
seemed to be a consensus at PowerDNS development to leave it as is.  The
rationale as I read it was that there was low usage of the column by
users ???? That may be the case in a general sense in that it's not a
field used all the time.  But, when it is used, or when you need it, as
in .... we get requests for when was the last update performed on the
DNS, etc.  I note that PowerAdmin updates this field.

We're currently in development and looking at either a proprietary
interface which directly updates the pdns mysql backend, or using the
API.  It certainly would be nice if the change_date column could be
updated with the API.  I can't see that it's much overhead.  Am I wrong
about that?  If we're updating a record or two let's say, in a zone,
there's the update statement, so another update with the
UNIX_TIMESTAMP() update for the column done immediately after it.

I personally cannot see the "value" in not doing it.

???? thoughts ??? any change of heart there folks?


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