[Pdns-users] Recommended setup for PowerDNS

Nick Douma n.douma at nekoconeko.nl
Thu Nov 2 13:11:49 UTC 2017


We're currently running a moderately sized authorative DNS system (about
21000 zones). This setup was built about 7 years ago based on PowerDNS
2.9, and since then updated to PowerDNS 3.4.5. It's a hidden master
setup with three public facing auth DNS servers that handle the
requests. We solely use NATIVE mode on the zones, apart from a few zones
that we SLAVE from external sources. All this uses MySQL replication.

I have the opportunity to rebuild this platform, for which I'm currently
making the design. I'm partial to the hidden master with three public
servers design, and intend to use that for the new platform unless there
is a good reason not too.

I have a few questions, mainly about things that may have changed in the
last 7 years that I'm not aware of:

1. Is NATIVE mode still the best way to replicate zones from the hidden
master to slaves? Back then I looked at DNS NOTIFY with zones in MASTER
mode, but found it too tricky to implement correctly.

2. Is MySQL still a good option as backend database, or should I invest
time in converting zones to another database?

3. I'm the author of TonicDNS, which we built in absence of a proper API
for PowerDNS. What is the state of the API in PowerDNS 4.x? Does the API
in PowerDNS perform validation before accepting changes?

Looking forward to any input and experiences that can help me improve my

Nick Douma

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